Harrington Park Football Club was founded in 2002 by members of the community who wanted to make football more accessible to residents in Harrington Park and the surrounding area.

“We have seen the club start from humble beginnings to become a local family club that strives to support the development of players of all ages. This is something the local committee and club are proud of.”


In 2010, the club was renamed Harrington United Football Club due to the growth of the Harrington Park and Harrington Grove area.

When it was first established, the club had around 40 members, including both junior and senior teams, as well as coaches, managers, and support staff who were committed to developing the players at the club. The goal of the club was not to be the biggest, but rather to be a place where players of all levels could enjoy the game as much as the founders did. 

Thanks to the hard work of the committee members and the support of the community, the club has consistently had strong representation across a number of age groups from Under 6’s to our Over 35’s competing in the Macarthur Football Association. In 2022, the club celebrated 20 years in the association and had successes at all age levels, with our Under 18-21 Ladies winning the premiership, championship, and Football NSW’s Champions of Champions tournament, a first for the club.

We are commonly known as “The Hornets” and are a community club with a group of dedicated committee members and families working to improve our club. We welcome you to join our family and hope to see you at The Hive!
Recently, the club has received approval for the redevelopment of our home ground (Charker Drive, Harrington Park) with new fields, amenities, and parking to begin in late 2023.

For the love of the game.